Yeu De Finally a better understand-able explanation haha

12 Aug, 2015 22:51

Weng Leong Chan Haha, thanks Yeu De!

11 Sep, 2015 10:06

Weng Leong Chan Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my videos. Just a quick reminder that you need to sign up to Zookal for free in order to access ALL of the videos. Take care and happy studies!

11 Sep, 2015 10:07

Jean Wong Hi from what you said "sign up for free to access ALL the videos" but I can't access from Module 4 onwards. Moreover, those are the modules that I need a better understanding.

16 Apr, 2016 10:16

Grace Chiang Do you have any tips for MS2016 &2014?

25 Jan, 2017 23:16

Mao Mao Hi, is it possible for you to compile the videos into a DropBox link so that I can download the videos and watch? Thank you! :)

27 Aug, 2017 14:17

熙倩 There is an error in Mod 4c on semiconductor energy band