Stefan Putra Lionar Hey everyone! Stefan here. Just a friendly reminder that in order for you to access all of the videos (including Module 12 - my tips on acing this subject) you need to sign up to Zookal for free. Thanks and hope you enjoy! Stefan.

11 Sep, 2015 10:18

samuel hi, for module 5c, how do we know the angle of Vb to be 120? i know it is tangential but how do we determine

11 Apr, 2016 15:33

jasmine is there an error for 3f when you find the entrained velocity? it should be 14 rad/s right?

16 Apr, 2016 00:16

Fck Dynamics For free? are u serious stefan u don't have to lie. we can all see the 5 dollar charge bitch

17 Apr, 2016 19:00

Brannon Lol dude show some respect. Whether free or not, at least he is helping people who are weak at this module. And you're viewing it for free.

19 Feb, 2017 19:54

D.N.A Eh you all just started to study? Lai jialat together huhuhu!!!